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This type of acne occurs from comedogenic substances that can be found in cosmetic
products. A comedone is another name for a blackhead or whitehead and something that is comedogenic, means that it makes comedones.

Acne cosmetica typically occurs in females and most are "acne prone." Usually, there are a collection of whiteheads and blackheads as well as pimples that cluster in the area where the offending cosmetic is placed. In fact, often time, the distribution of the acne can help to pinpoint which cosmetic is causing the problem. This type of acne does not result in pre-menstrual flares and usually the inflammation around the pimples in minimal.

Treatment for acne cosmetica involves stopping the offending cosmetics. In addition, retinoids
can help to clear the acne faster.

The good news, is that most companies are changing their formulations of cosmetics to ones
that are non-comedogenic. It is important that you use these non-comedogenic products to
avoid acne flares.

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