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Acne excoriee is a specific form of acne that results from the picking, squeezing, and rubbing
of pimples and comedones. These actions result in excoriations (or scratches).

This type of acne is seen more commonly in women and usually starts during the teenage years. There is commonly a history of acne and the excoriations may involve the face, neck, chest, breast, back, and upper arms.

Sometimes, the acne component may resolve, but the picking continues. Unfortunately, this picking can lead to scarring and discoloration. This type of acne can result from the presence of anxiety, depression or emotional lability.

Treatment consits most importantly in becoming aware of what is happening as many times the picking is an unconscious behavior. Once this occurs, it is important to limit picking as much as possible. If there is acne present, this should be treated and consideration should be given to treating any anxiety or depression if it co-exists.

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