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When it comes to fighting acne, many treatments are available. These treatments range from topical medications including creams, gels, cleansers, foams and solutions to oral medicaitons and even the use of lasers, light, and heat.

Treatment is based on several factors including the classification and severity of acne in any
given person. Tretment may consist of a single medication or procedure but in most cases will involve a combination of treatments and/or procedures.

Regardless of the treatment type, there are four main goals that are to be achieved:

1. Correct that altered pattern of keratinization (stickiness of the skin cells)

2. Decrease oil gland activity

3. Decrease the amount of bacteria present around the follicles

4. Reduce inflammation

It is important to understand that most medications treat and prevent further acne so it is important to continue medications even though things may appear improved. Most medications
to not work over night and require time (4-6 weeks) to begin to see results. So, it is important
not to give up on a treatment regimen too early and to be patient, allowing the medications to work. Regular follow up with your dermatologist is highly recommeded.


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