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Azelaic acid is a uniqe medication in the fight against acne. It fights acne in many ways and while it plays a role in several different aspects of acne treatment, each of the actions is relatively mild in performace. Hence, azelaic acid is typically used in combination with other acne medications or treatments.

How it works
The true mechanism of action of azelaic acid is not know. However it has been shown to help normalize the way the skin turns over, to fight bacteria and to decrease inflammation. In addition, azelaic acid is know to lighten and blend skin. Because of this, azelaic acid is an excellent choice when treating acne that tends to leave darker marks behind.

Types of azeleic acid
Azelaic acid can be found in Azelex cream and Finacea gel.

Potential side effects
Similar to retinoids, azelaic acid may cause local irritation. In general however, it tends to be more mild and less irritating than the retinoids. Side effects may be minimized similar to retinoids.


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