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While the exact mechanism of pimple formation is not completely understood, it most likely inolves the following:

Within the sebaceous follicle, the skin begins to increase production and is less likley to shed normally. This may result from altered oil proudcts that are created by bacteria or an alteration in hormone levels, the skin cells themselves, or other factors.

The increased cells cause the pore to become blocked thus forming a comedone. The comedones then grows over time (it usually takes close to 5 months for the formation of a white head) and either dilates (becoming a black head) or ruptures (leading to inflammation).

When a comedone ruptures, products or substances that have been produced by bacteria may enter into the deeper portions of the skin. In addition, the skin that is trapped in the follicle acts as a foreign body. The body's reaction to this is inflammation. This inflammation then leads to the formation of pimples (papules), pustules, nodules, and cysts.

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