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Acne is divided into three main types. Each of these types can further be classified based on severity into mild, moderate, or severe. The severity is often based on the number of lesions present as well as the presence of persistence, scarring, and psychological impact.

Comedonal acne
This type of acne is the initial phase of acne and usually starts with the onset of puberty. It initally appears on the nose and can progress to involve the forehead, cheeks, and chin. This type of acne consists of black heads and white heads, without the presence of pimples. Comedonal acne may exist separately or with other types of acne.

Papulopustular acne
This type of acne is the most common type of acne. It involves reddish pimples and can range from mild to severe. It is most common on the face but also commonly involves the neck, chest, back, and upper arms.

Nodulocystic acne
This type of acne is more severe than the papulopustular type and involved the presence of large, deep lesions (nodules) as well as the formation of acne cysts. This type can effect the face, back and chest and most commonly involves males.

It is important to note, that most people will have a combination of the above types. It is however important to identify the main component of the acne, as this will help to decide the most appropriate treatments.


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