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Hormonal acne, as its name implies, is driven by abnormal levels of circulating hormones. Allow this type of acne shares features with adult acne, it is not quite the same. While adult acne typcially occurs with normal levels of circulating hormones, in hormonal acne, they are often elevated.

When true hormonal acne exists, it is often accompanied by other signs of excess hormones. These signs may include irregular periods, excess facial and body hair, scalp hair loss, increased body weight and deepening of the voice.

In addition, acne that begins prior to the typical age and acne that is accompanied by premature puberty may be a sign or hormonal excess.

If hormonal acne is suspected, a thorough work up should be done to rule out any underlying diseases including polycyctic ovary disease, drug induced changes, congenital adrenal hyhperplasia, and hormone producing tumors.

Treatments for hormonal acne include spironolactone, birth control, and others.

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