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Lasers are relatively new in the world of acne treatment. For many years, lasers were used to help treat acne scarring. Only recently has it been discovered that lasers can help in the treatment of active acne as well.

How they work
Most lasers are used to destroy the sebaceous (oil) glands. As discussed in the key components section, oil is necessary for acne production. By altering or destroying the oil glands with a thermal or heating effect, they are less able to produce oil, ideally decreasing the potential for acne formation. In addition, some of the lasers that are used to treat acne work similar to blue-light therapy by killing bacteria.

Types of lasers used in acne
Lasers used for acne include the Smoothbeam, VBeam, CBeam, and others

Potential side effects
Side effects are usually minimal but may include bruising, inflammation and discomfort.

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