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Nicomide is a member of the Vitamin B family and is an oral nicotinamide acne treatment product. While the main purpose of nicotinamide is as a cofactor in many of the body's daily reactions, it has shown to have anti-inflammatory effects as well. It is this anti-inflammatory effect that makes Nicomide useful for acne treatment and acne prevention.

How Nicomide works
Through its suppression of the parts of the body's immune system that are responsible for inflammation, Nicomide helps to fight inflammation, a major contributing cause in the formation of both adolescent and adult acne.

Nicomide side effects
At recommended doses of 1 to 2 Nicomide tablets a day, side effects are minimal. Those people with a hypersensitivty to nicotinamide, those with a history of liver disease, diabetes, jaundice, kidney or liver failure, children, pregnant and nursing mothers, or those people taking carbamazapine or primidone should speak with their doctor prior to taking Nicomide.

Nicomide FAQs
1. Is Nicomide used for any other condition?
In addition to being an acne medication, Nicomide is also used for rosacea. Nicomide rosacea therapy is similar to that for acne and has shown success. It is also used for more rare dermatologic conditions.

2. Is Nicomide an antibiotic?
Nicomide is not an antibiotic and has no antibacterial properties. In as such, it is very safe for long term use to treat acne.

3. Where can I find a Nicomide coupon?
Nicomide coupons or rebates are available for up to $20 off of your prescription. Ask you prescribing doctor about these rebates.

4. Is there any association with flusing and Nicomide?
No. Nicomide lacks the vasodilator actions of nicotinc acid or niacin and is not associated with flushing.

5. Is Nicomide T gel the same?
Topical nicotinamide gel is available over the counter, though you usually have to ask the pharmacist for this. The activity is simlar (thought probably less effective topically) to Nicomide, but the active ingredient is delivered directly to the skin rather than systemically.


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