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Just walk down the cosmetics aisle in the department store or supermarket and you will be flooded with the hundreds of products that are available to put on your skin. When it comes to acne, the important thing is avoiding those products that may worsen acne. You should always look for a product that states it is "non-comedogenic." This basically means that it does not form comedones, the core of all acne blemishes.

Picking, popping, squeezing
While the temptation is always there and most people by nature are pickers, if you can resist the temptation, you will be rewarded. While it may seem that popping a pimple may make it go away faster, most of the time, the reverse is true. Popping a pimple may in fact create more inflammation, causing the blemish to last longer and may even result in a scar. Allowing a blemish to resolve on its own is the best choice.

Giving up too early
Everyone wants a clear face and they want it now. However, when it comes to acne, patience is very important. Most acne medications take at least 4-6 weeks to fully show their effects and improvement can continue even beyond this time frame. To try a new combination for a week and then give up is not a fair trial and you may be stopping something that if given more time could clear your acne. So, be patient and allow the medication to help you in time.


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