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ZENMED™ Derma Cleanse® SystemZenmed Dermacleanse System
This revolutionary acne treatment works both internally and externally, to clear and prevent acne. Cleanse and detoxify with our scientifically advanced three step program designed to treat acne infection at its source. Our internal formulation goes straight to the root of acne infection, regulating hormonal imbalances and promoting overall purification from within. Nutrient rich
topical formulations penetrate deep into the dermis lifting out dirt and toxins and helping to
prevent future acne infection. Experience the sensation of clear and healthy skin with this inspired, three step approach. Restore balance to your body from the inside out.


ZENMED™ Facial Cleansing GelZenmed Acne Gel
Bring health and clarity to your world with ZENMED™ Acne Gel. Restoring skin’s natural radiance, this revolutionary formula is designed to penetrate deep into the dermis eliminating toxins and impurities before they surface. Purifying botanicals work to expel harmful bacteria
and revitalize skin at its core. 1.7fl oz/50ml

Benefits: Trans-dermal delivery system optimizes absorption of
active ingredients Normalizes secretion of sebum Prevents follicular clogging Reduces redness and inflammation Contains natural astringent and anti-bacterial agents Cleanses skin at the
deepest level Soothes and restores skin’s natural integrity Retards cellular aging

Active Ingredients: 0.5% Salicylic Acid Purified Water Aloe Vera Gel (Certified Organic) Vitamin C Vitamin E Vegetable Squalene Vegetable Glycerine Pro-Vitamin B5 Green Tea Extract Cucumber Extract Papaya Extract Allantoin Soy Lecithin Rose Hip Essential Oil (Certified Organic) Evening Primrose Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
Rose Essence Essential Oil (Certified Organic) Lavender Essential Oil (Certified Organic) Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Certified Organic) Lemon Essential Oil (Certified Organic) Lime Essential Oil (Certified Organic) Tea Tree Essential
Oil (Certified Organic)


ZENMED™ Acne GelZenmed Facial Cleansing Gel
Morning and night, cleanse and protect your skin with our nutrient enriched gentle cleanser. With medicinal ingredients working to repair and strengthen your skins cellular structure, it also gently removes excess sebum, the main acne causing bacteria – to help
prevent future breakouts. A unique fusion of healing botanical extracts, such as certified organic aloe vera, sage, chamomile, vitamin A & E and essential oils of rose and lavender help to
nourish and restore balance - leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. 6fl oz/180ml

Benefits: Trans-dermal delivery system optimizes absorption of active ingredients Maintains an optimal pH balance of 5.5 Supports natural protective mantle of the skin Prevents follicular clogging Normalizes secretion of sebum Draws
out impurities Limits growth of causative
bacterial agents

Active Ingredients: Extracts of Sage, Coltsfoot, Yarrow, Balm Mint, Chamomile, Rosemary, Althea, Wild Thyme, Horestail, Cucumber Disodium C-14 Olefin Sulfonate (naturally derived from Coconut) Aloe Vera Gel (Certified Organic) Vitamin C Vitamin B5 Allantoin Vitamin E Vitamin A Vitamin D3 Rose Essential Oil (Certified Organic) Geranium Essential Oil (Certified Organic) Lavender Essential Oil (Certified Organic) Tangerine Essential Oil (Certified Organic)


ZENMED™ Derma Cleanse® CapsulesZenmed Dermacleanse Capsules
Our internal treatment for acne prone skin is the key component of the Derma Cleanse® System. The capsules attack the root cause of acne working to cleanse, detoxify and relax the body. This not only helps
heal current acne, it also helps to prevent future breakouts. 90

Benefits: Prevents and treats acne at its source Eliminates toxins
from the body Repairs damaged skin tissue Reduces redness and inflammation Relaxes the nervous system Cleanses blood of infection and impurities Stimulates cellular regeneration Contains antibacterial and anti-fungal agents Nourishes and detoxifies the spleen and liver Recommended dosage: (4-6) capsules daily.

Active Ingredients: Neem (leaf) Chaste Tree (fruit) Forsythia (fruit) Gardenia (fruit) Honeysuckle (flower) Red Dhalia (root) Yellow Dock (root) Burdock (seed) Dandelion (root) Chamomile (flower) Sarsaparilla (root) Milk Thistle (seed) Schizonepeta (leaf) Red Peony (root)


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